The 9th Annual San Francisco Trolley Dances was held October 19-21, 2013 starting at the Intersection for the Arts/5m Placeworks at the SF Chronicle Building.

Fantastic performances by:

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Here’s what people were saying about the 2012 performances:

Responses from Kids on Track/School of the Arts…

“Dance and art have the power to change your perspective. If you’re willing to keep an open mind, art can show you things you’ve never seen before, appreciate everything, big and small.”

“Made us think about cultural integration of San Francisco and how so many kinds of people and dances work together.”

“Everything about Trolley Dances was exciting and adventurous. The creativity was amazing and endless as was the energy and effort. You could really tell the dancers felt like they were part of something unique and very special. I am so happy I got to see these performances and have a wider range in inspiration.”

“This was my fourth year of attending Trolley Dances with School of the Arts. Every year I am impressed with the variety of dance companies in the Bay Area. This year was stunning as usual.”

“The dancers of Epiphany Production[s] reminded us that we have a beautiful city all around us with rich history that we can’t ignore and we need to explore.”

“Trolley Dances provided another great day of showcasing San Francisco’s unique dance community. I thank Kim Epifano for her master class and her invitation to a special showing on the Friday before the weekend.”

Responses From the General Public…

“One of the best events each year!”

“Trolley Dances is the BEST dance event in SF.”

“So awesome this year! Loved the hip hop, West African, Kim’s group of course – Filipino representin.’”

“This was nothing short of amazing!”

“Wonderful blend of culture. Beautiful work.”

“Thank you millions for always putting together such a wonderful show, well organized array of dreams.”

“First time to San Francisco. Awesome city because of events like this.”