Kim Epifano and Epiphany Productions have had many collaborators over the years. Here is a selected list pulled from many disciplines:

Performance, Choreography, Music, Theatre, Set Design, Teaching

Stephen Kent, composer and dijeridu player; Robert Henry Johnson, performer and choreographer; Daryl Henline, composer, opera singer, and actor; AXIS Dance Company; Michael Bernard Loggins, writer/cartoonist, Creativity Explored; Todd Herman, animator; C. Derrick Jones, actor, dancer; Mike Stasiuk, propmaster and sculptor; Richard Kittle, aerial design artist; Nancy Stark Smith, performer and master teacher in contact improvisation; Joan Jeanrenaud, cellist and composer; Stephanie Nugent, choreographer and dancer, Lower Left Dance Company; Jeff Morrison, actor, singer, and dancer; Bob Een, musician and composer; Jules Beckman, dancer and musician; Jim Cave, director and actor; Lauren Elder, set designer; Bob Ernst, actor; André Gregory, director, actor, and writer; Kathleen Hermesdorf, dancer and choreographer; Julie Kane, dancer, choreographer; Norman Rutherford, musical director, musician, performer; Elaine Buckholtz, lighting designer, musician; Peter Overton, dancer, musician, and video editor; Shakiri, dancer; Jon Weaver, choreographer; Sally Davis, director, musician; John Fago, photographer, writer; Tere O’Connor, choreographer, dancer; Chris Aiken, contact improvisation and improvisor; Dan Chumley, director; Joanna Haigood, choreographer; Jean Isaacs, choreographer, San Diego Dance Theatre; Jessilito Bie, choreographer; Project Bandaloop, Robert Moses Kin, The Dance Brigade; KUNST-STOFF; Facing East Dance and Music; Janice Garrett and Charles Moulton; Keith Hennessey, performance artist; George Brooks, musician; Rinde Eckert, composer, performer, playwright.