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"Kim has awakened a lot of people to new perspectives of movement."
"I love Kim! This is the best course and teacher combination here! She has brought the dance level up at this university. I feel she would be a good permanent addition to any university faculty."
"She ties in all needed elements of theater, dance and life. I have learned so much in this class!"
- Students in the UCLA World Arts and Cultures Program

Practice in Abstract Storytelling
Practice in Abstract Storytelling
(An Interdisciplinary Play Clinic for all Performers)

Workshops incorporate physicality, sound, theater, improvisation, distillation, imagery, vocalization and text. Interdisciplinary artists welcome. This is a workshop for performers who dance, sing, act, write, play an instrument, and have a strong sense of improvisation as well as technical skills and want to dive further into the creative process of creating and editing material! Learn the art of story telling, how to get that theme across even when abstracted. Learn how to incorporate different disciplines into your work with integrity.

Site specific Workshop
Site-Specific Performance Lab
for Dancers, Actors, and Musicians

Using interdisciplinary improvisation techniques, find out how to creatively respond and use the landscape, architecture, history, sound, and vibration of a site to create unique work. In collaboration with the group, we will use inside and outside spaces, generating choreography, sound, image, and physical theater. Each day we will start with a grounding and energizing warm-up using Yoga, Chi Gung, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation, Post-Modern Dance, Chakra singing, rhythmic and lyrical call and response, solo and group improvisations. This will lead us into our imaginations and tune our systems to be ready to dive into our sites. The last day of the workshop will include a site-specific showing of our weekÕs investigations. Please bring a blank page journal and if you play and instrument, please bring it!

Contact Improvisation

This class builds contact improvisation skills to open the body and the imagination to dancers' potential. Students explore their individual creativity, balance, and body awareness while learning to move in relation to their self, the floor and a partner. By sharing weight, strength, space and gravity, participants learn how to trust and be trusted while falling on and off the edges of their bodies. We will explore how the ending of one move is the beginning of another and how to utilize momentum to continue the progressive nature of the dance.

Integrated Modern Dance Technique

Getting up on our legs and down on our arms, we will use modern dance techniques to understand momentum, release, and articulation. Beginning with stretching and strengthening exercise, sound and breath, we will heighten body awareness. Movement phrases then allow students to become more attuned to alignment, texture, musicality, and performance qualities. While maintaining the clarity, precision and line developed in upright technique, students will also explore inversion and moving in and out of the floor.

Contact Improvisation/Advanced Level: Air Contact

This class builds skills to open the body and the imagination to their potential. Explore creativity, balance, and body awareness while learning to move in relation to one's self, the floor and a partner. Sharing weight, strength, space and gravity, participants learn how to trust and be trusted while falling on and off the edges of their bodies. Suspend, accelerate, and find air within the dance of partnering. Find the excitement of improvisation; it is a science and a playground.

Follow Your Instinct:
Composition and Choreography

Students learn how to create choreography from a topic source, and follow it to unusual places with dynamic timing. This class uses improvisation as a tool to discover what is beneath the original idea, in order to bring various elements together within a multi-disciplinary structure. We use movement, voice, sound, theater, music, and rhythm, to develop your own choreographic/compositional style.

Sound Waves: A Sound and Movement Theater Class

An exploration of each person's own vibrational sound waves and how to make contact with this integral voice. Using pitch, tone, rhythm, motion, volume, and chakra awareness, we learn to deepen the physicality and power of our voices while finding each person's individual song. We will investigate how sound creates character and character creates sound. The class will explore our complete vocal range through solo improvisation, group work, physical character and movement.

A Womyn's Workshop

A two-fold workshop, including basic skills of contact improvisation, and personal investigation from a feminine perspective. We will first focus on trusting our bodies, their strength, giving and sharing weight. Using innovative ways to move in and out of the floor, learn to catch and throw one another, and begin to fly. Every day will end with discussion and journal writing, to find the group issues and interests which will guide us into the next day's physical journey. Class provides a non-competitive, safe space to explore partnering, voicing, and writing. Most classes can be geared toward performance and used to create material for site-specific and/or informal showings.

Contact Improvisation for Actors

This class is geared towards actors who want to move and movers who want toact. In a safe, non-competitive environment, we will use contact improvisation skills to understand partnering and relationships to groups. Movement improvisations are set up with acting skills so voice and movement can become thoroughly integrated, with or without text. (Movement makes stronger actors and acting makes stronger movers!)


Afro-Brazilian Dance, Maculele and Capoeira

This class investigates the Afro-Brazilian Samba dance and Martial Art techniques of Maculele and Capoeira and to explore the different movement, sound and costumes of this culture. Students will also be required to learn some of the music and songs involved with these forms and the history behind them. All dancers are musicians and musicians are dancers.

This class will be required to perform a Samba Dance combination with the musical knowledge of the Batucada, Maculele stick dance and song, Capoeira exercises performed and playing in a Joda as well as knowing some of the songs and instruments played such as Berimbau, pandero, drums and shakers.

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